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Why visual art is so important – not only for the artists themselves, but for Kansas. City in general. My father, Jim Hamil, as a distinguished regional watercolor artist, and on more then one occasion would mention, “I paint things that won’t always be there. I’m not just painting a decaying barn; I am also capturing a piece of history”. Dad worked exceptionally hard to effectively and best depict these landmarks and locations that may only be remembered through his work.

That’s a lot of pressure…

His early works were often utilitarian, and by focusing on the barns, the fields and the farms, Dad found a niche in depicting the Midwest and the first publication of his paintings, Farmland USA (1975).

Dad knew his paintings would reflect the individuality of each of us as we appreciated the familiar scenes that eventually focused on Kansas City landmarks who’s views would slowly change over time. Maybe it was his incredible sense for nostalgia… his fondness for Classical Music… his business sense well-honed even before graduating KU in 1958 and starting at Hallmark where he’d work as a ‘stylist’ (greeting card artist) for 15 years prior to starting his own gallery/studio in 1973.

It was Dad’s underlying goal to maintain his Legacy – which I think was more to do with what to do with his hundreds of originals, thousands of prints, and organizing the articles, photos and stories about them all. His inspiration was to produce works that would reflect the city he loved so much. But I maintain his true Legacy was the inspiration that he gave to others, including myself, to reach deep as an artist, always do your best… and if it’s an artist you want to be, marry money!”

Alex Hamil – Jim’s youngest son

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