Protrait of Jim in Studio_JR Hamil Fine Art

American Watercolor Artist

To those who are supporters of Jim's Legacy work:

From Alex Hamil - Jim's youngest son,

     My father was fortunate to have blossomed into one of those rare success stories. It required a life-long commitment to his craft in studio art after leaving a 15-year tenure at Hallmark back in the early 70's. Numerous publications of his original watercolor works and the prints that followed (and there are still so many), serve to remind others of what it means to be dedicated to one's passion. As a regionally recognized watercolor artist, Dad's love for the Midwest reflected in his countless works for this place he called home.

     Dad was always there to provide his wisdom and his sense of professionalism to fellow artists. According to fellow artist and curator at Buttonwood Art Space, Jamie Lavin, "He (Jim) was Kansas City Royalty, but enjoyed belonging to us all. He gave artists true hope. His life was an inspiration; his work, a benediction." I couldn't have said it better, myself.

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